Eyebrow revolt!

My eyebrows are out of control! There are little thatches of eyebrow hair that get a lot longer than the rest, and they are going in all directions. For the most part these thatches grow at the arch points on the top of my eyebrows. These points are very defined on my face, and in the past I have been able to make a dramatic statement simply by raising one eyebrow. Part of me thinks it's cool, but then sometimes they will just be all wrong. Today, after I took a shower, I noticed certain portions of them were hanging like long hair. That wasn't too cool. I've started plucking these extra long ones when they start misbehaving, but they seem to come back pretty regularly. I'm a little paranoid that I will pluck too many of them and they won't grow back, and I don't want to lose that sharp arch in my eyebrows. I'm not sure whether I should be proactive with my eyebrows, or let them grow wild, like Andy Rooney has. It would be a lot cooler if I had white hair, and if my hair grew out in a sort of crazy white-guy afro like Einstein's, or Kramer's. But that's not gonna happen. Hair is such a bother. I wish I didn't have to deal with it.


Repressed Librarian said...

Perhaps you should be the metrosexual certain people say you are and have them professionally done.

Bedheaded said...

No way! I've got to draw a line somewhere.

Rick Julien said...

When I shave my head, since that hair seems to be disappearing quickly and the close crop is the only repectable hair-do I can do, I put on a longer guard and trim those wayward eyebrow hairs. It works real well and it is sort of a of a nice sense of accomplishment, that I get to shave my WHOLE head - hair, beard and eyebrows. Try it youll like it some kids think its great.