Obligatory 9/11 Post

Even though it's a day late, there are two 9/11-related things that I'd like to spotlight. First is this rather lengthy article from the New York Times about the sad, incompetent effort to redevelop ground zero. It is a super long article, but nowhere else will you read or see as authoritative and complete an account of the all-around clusterfuck that has resulted in ground zero still being a huge hole in the ground to this day, no buildings, no memorial, nothing but politics and bureaucracy at its finest. For the record, I have my own idea for redeveloping ground zero: fill it full of dirt, and plant grass and trees on top of it. It's not flashy, but it gets the job done. Plant a tree for every person that died there.

The Hole in the City's Heart

The second bit comes from Keith Olbermann, who I have a big ol' manly crush on after last night's episode of Countdown. I've only started watching him recently, being that I don't have any good cable channels, but I have been routinely entertained when I catch it. Last night he wrapped up with a withering indictment of our erstwhile "commander in chief," citing the Gettysburg Address and The Twilight Zone like only he can. The result is, let me say, awesome. Enjoy.