Damaged Goods For Sale Becomes Eclectic

I hope the holidays find you well, my imaginary readers. To help make it happen, I have a few holiday-themed songs to share with you. At the same time, let me announce the newest iteration of my shambolic internet franchise. From this point forward, Damaged Goods For Sale will be a (sometimes) audioblog. That's right...on a less than regular basis, I will post an audio track or two to supplement the scattershot blog content you have come to not expect to see here.

So without further ado, I bring you the debut selection, themed for the holidays. Of course the holidays are half over, but you've yet to chide me for my lack of punctuality, haven't you, dear imaginary readers?

Radar Bros. - "This Xmas Eve"

Harry Nilsson - "Remember (Christmas)"

Crooked Fingers - "New Drink for the Old Drunk"

The first two tracks have little to do with Christmas, and the third has little do to with anything but drinking, so I've included it as my tribute to the new year festivities.

Buy their music: Radar Bros. / Harry Nilsson / Crooked Fingers