Hip Hop Violinist?

Ok, who in the hell's blunted ass thought releasing an album by a "Hip Hop Violinist" was a good idea? Kanye West, right? I know this guy was all underground and hip when he was just "blowin up," but now that he's bigger than Jay-Z doesn't he seem just as pointless as all of the rest of the cash money millionaires queefing thier craptastic hits all over the pointless-ass radio? I mean, what was there about this guy that was so cool in the first place? The record store he shopped at to find all the soul samples for his first album? The fact that he's probably read books? But a hip hop violinist? I just heard her playing on the Tavis Smiley show, and I'm sorry, the MC sounded hip hop, but this girl's violin had to be the least hip-hop sounding thing going on during the track. OK, scotch-tape some classical violin over a rap track and whaddya got? Something like that disco version of "Beethoven's Fifth," to my ears. Give me a freaking break. Where's the Wu Tang when you need 'em? Where's Chuck D? Where's Ice Cube for chrissakes? How come every hardcore MC straight out of wherever gotta turn into a bonehead millionaire muttering about his rims whenever he breaks big?


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